Fully Fledged Geekdom Nearly Achieved!

I’m finding it a little difficult to get my head around the fact that I’ll have graduated grad school in about five weeks. The two years have gone quickly – faster than I had anticipated, I guess.

I’ve learned things about music that I never dreamed existed. I’ve had many marvelous discussions about obscure aspects and methodologies of the analysis of the structure of music.  I’ve managed to apply concepts contained within those methodologies directly to my compositions – to good and sometimes superior result.

I’ve been exposed to types of new music that I consider, variously, as awful and outrageously good. I’ve leearned that one gleans musical effects from these musics and implements them into one’s own work.

I’ve composed sixty-eight unique pieces of music since late August 2013 and am working on another four. Huge amount of work. That’s just under one full composition a week! And, considering that nine of these 72 each involved six or seven weeks of concentrated crafting, that’s a hell of a lot of music.

So I’m feeling accomplished, and rightfully so. I’m on track for a GPA of at leat 3.8  – if I’ve done the math correctly, which I doubt.


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