Wow – I thought I was a little busy…

… but now I KNOW I’m busy!

Two of my works premiere Day after tomorrow at the Binghamton University Flute Trio concert:

  • Flute Music No. 1, Opus 10b, an adagio for flute and piano.
  • Flute Trio with Piano No. 1, Opus 14.

Setting up rehearsals for the premiere of my “Three Songs: Texts by 13th Century Persian Poet Rumi” opus 18. These premiere on Thursday, May 1st. I’m very excited about this premier. It’s scored for and wll be played by:

  • Flute – Prof. Georgetta Maiolo, head of flute program at Binghamton university. Recently retired (after over 40 years!) principal flautist for the Binghamton Symphony and Tri-Cities Opera. She’s one of the most professional musicians I’ve ever met.
  • Clarinet – Prof. Dr. Tim Perry, professor of conducting and clarinet (and a world-class clarinetist himself!) at Binghamton University.
  • Violin – Joe Vanderpool, a talented, adorable and wise ass senior music major at Binghamton University.
  • Cello – Prof. Stephen Stalker, head of the cello program at Binghamton University, and a widely-respected professional musician. A most excellent cellist and teacher.
  • Marimba – Prof. Michael Compitello, head of the percussion program at Cornell University and highly respected percussionist and teacher.
  • Piano – Either my friend Bill Lawson, an excellent accompanist, erudite and polished coach and mentor to many vocalists at Binghamton University, or Pej Reitz, one of the best accompanists I’ve ever met. She is amazing. 

I’m working on a revamp of my SSA piece, “Wisdom” – a setting of a poem by Sara Teasdale – graciously included on the Spring Concert program by Dr. Bruce Borton, director of the choral conducting program at Binghamton University and conductor of the BU Women’s Chorus. I heard the piece live for the first time last Monday and was surprised to hear that the right hand of the piano is obviously not for piano, but for flute. I don’t know how I missed that. So I have to write a flute part and revise the piano part and make a few other small changes so it’s in shape to be performed at the concert on May 8th.

A new piece I’m working on is for solo piano – a rather saucy and playful A-B-A thing I’m calling a “Dialogue for Piano.” I have no idea who will play it – ever. But I’m enjoying writing it. It is Opus 22!

As if all this isn’t enough on my plate, I’m appearing in a film – just a tiny non-speaking role – for my friend Jared Buiono, a cinema major at BU. We took Montieth Mccollum’s excellent sound manipulation course together. Filming commences tomorrow at 2pm and should be over (for me!) well before dinner.

But the BIG new thing is a project cooked up by Montieth Mccollum and Daniel Davis (head of the composition program at BU and my composition teacher). Mccollum’s students have produced nine new short films for which we composers and perfomers in the New Music & New Voices class (composition seminar) are going to create scores / original music / soundscapes / soundtracks in collaboration with the film makers. Very exciting stuff! 

So I’m a little busy – and thriving. Damn, I love grad school! 


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