End of Semester Crunch…

Wow. What a semester! I composed settings for five Shakespeare sonnets for piano and tenor, my first orchestral piece, and started my first piano sonata. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a hell of a lot of work! I learned how to research sources for a scholarly paper and participated in a history review basically from 1600 to the present. Did close readings of passages from six orchestral works, interviewed five professors, read many papers and articles – I can’t now comprehend that I did that! But there are my notes! Revisited chromatic harmony and binary, ternary, sonata and rondo forms. Revived my understanding of augmented sixth chords and various methods of modulation. Attended at least 22 different recitals and programs, most of which were not bad, a few of which were revelatory, and only one that stank out loud.

I do wish I had kept track of how much time I spent working on the orchestral piece. It was a huge chunk of time!

And I made a bunch of new friends. :) 

But the semester is nearly over now, and It’s coming down to this:

  • Give a presentation of my MUS501 research paper on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Revise my research paper for MUS501 Music History / Research. Due before noon on Friday the 13th.
  • Write a report on my Independent Study “Instrumentation”: To include summaries of my interviews and a report on bowing and how it affected (for better or worse) the BU Symphony’s reading of my orchestral piece. Due before the end of finals week.
  • Prepare for MUS501 final exam: Make up a list with summaries of all the articles we read for MUS501: authors, titles, topics, summaries of arguments. 
  • Prepare for Theory III final exam: Ternary form, Sonata form, Rondo form, augmented sixth chords and realted figured bass and voice writing.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it! I’m looking forward to the holiday break so i can do more composing!


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