Organist Position Beckons…

I’ve been working my butt off the last few months, getting some of my organist abilities back in line and learning some new music. And it’s paid off – I’m far more confident than before and my playing has improved greatly.

And my confidence has experienced a big uplift by the relatively simple task of following only guides on how to write my resume for grad school. It’s the first time I’ve looked at my past accomplishments in such a condensed form and I am delighted that it appears to be impressive. (More impressive in some circles than in others, but impressive, nonetheless.)

Now an opportunity has come along – thanks to information provided by my friend Barbara – for an organist position in a small church with a historical tracker organ in a town some 23 miles from Binghamton. It’s a one-day-a-week job so that will keep the expenses down, and I have no idea what the pay will be, nor what I should ask for if I’m offered the position.

But it is at least an interview. :)


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Evangelical Antireligionist.
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