New Semester – New Courses!

My final semester as an undergrad at Binghamton University has begun and I’m really excited!

First, I’m taking Choral Arranging with Bruce Borton who has had a lot of experience. You can read his bio here. The first class was yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We went through the syllabus, of course, and then made a list of “tools” that arrangers use – and I won’t list them here. He handed out a photocopy of an arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the Republic and played a performance of it on YouTube. Then we listened to the performance of the same tune that was given by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir at Obama’s second inauguration, and listed the tools that the arranger used. It was quite fun.

The next course I’m taking is Introduction to Creative Sound Processing – it’s music course but cross listed with a course in the cinema department. It’s all about how to sample sounds and then loop them and use them to create music – much like rappers create their works. (We learned all about that in How We Listen last semester, but now we actually get to DO it!) Our first project is to make our own contact microphones (“mics”) which we will then use to record sounds and then use those sounds in a software program to make music! How fun is that? I dropped Theory IV in order to take this course, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get more out of this than I would out of theory.

And I’m taking organ with Dr. Biggers again. He invited me to his organ literature seminar which also started yesterday. It was very interesting. I missed last semester’s seminar, but this looks to be quite enjoyable. Yesterday we listened to music from the pre-Bach Baroque era. We start on Bach next week.

I’m also very near to completing my graduate school application – just another paper or two and that will also be done. 

So onward! Upward! Woo Hoo!


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