RDF: Biggest moves in religion and politics in 2012

I must confess that the 2012 presidential election campaign was terrifying for me. The Republican candidates seemed to me a gaggle of ignorant bigots and bullies – the epitome of all I hope I am not.

And then the campaign! The continual lack of details from Romney and the *lies* – the outright naked *lies* – coming out of his campaign were appalling. I felt that his poll numbers were an indictment of Americans’ willingness to believe whatever was put on TV.

On election night I nearly had a panic attack – I was terrified that Romney was going to win.

Even though the following paragraph might be completely true, I’m more likely to believe that the middle class finally realized its peril and voted accordingly.

Obama’s decisive victory in 2012 was largely the result of his strong support among the growing number of non-Christian, nonwhite Christian, and religiously unaffiliated voters. While white Christians made up the vast majority (81%) of Romney’s vote, they comprised only 39% of Obama’s coalition. Over the past few decades, Democratic presidential candidates have relied less and less on white Christian voters (e.g., white Christians were 60% of Bill Clinton’s 1992 coalition), while Republican presidential voting coalitions have continued to rely on coalitions that are approximately 8-in-10 white Christian.

Regardless of the reasons for Obama’s victory, I am encouraged by the rise of non-religious influences in the political arena.

via RDF: Biggest moves in religion and politics in 2012.


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