Kinda scary ABC news tonight…

Good for the every day Egyptian! They got tired of Mubarak and threw him out, and now they don’t like the new guy suspending the constitution and grabbing too much power for himself. There’s fighting in the streets around the presidential palace in Cairo. This is really good stuff! But of course it doesn’t compare at all to the excitement in 1989 when the Soviet Union disbanded and the Berlin Wall came down.

On the other hand we’ve got that insane Syrian president ordering chemical weapons – Sarin gas, no less! – moved into place at airfields around the country. The CIA says it hasn’t been loaded on any planes yet but it’s close and ready to be loaded. Will Assad use chemical weapons on his own people? Will Obama bomb the shit out of him? Will there be war in the middle east again? This time Arab against Arab?

The Syrian rebels are gaining more and more territory. They’ve advanced to the suburbs of Damascus! Go rebels!


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