Personal Update: University

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto the Binghamton University (BU) system to register for classes and told by the computer that I had to re-enroll in order to register!

New Rule: When the University decides to remove people from the re-enrolled list, the people being removed should be notified of the action!

And – oh joy! oh rapture! – I was among the first to whom this had ever happened at BU. Another first I could have lived without, you know? Because I failed to take courses during the summer, the computer decided that regardless of my re-enrolled status that I should not be re-enrolled and >voila!< I was no longer re-enrolled. That happened on August 10th and I didn’t find out until I waited (patiently, ever so patiently) for my date and time to log in and register.

So, a week ago yesterday, Jory gave me a ride to campus and I spent the next four and a half hours winding my way through the bureaucracy.

  • A very nice lady – the receptionist, name of Gina – made sure that I got to talk to the only person then in Admissions office who could help me. I went back last Tuesday, the first day of classes, to thank her. She started the ball rolling.
  • The dude gave me this form to fill out – which I did immediately.
  • Gina hand delivered the form – something she wasn’t really supposed to do, I think – to the only person in the Admissions office who was able to input the information from the form into the BU system. And she did. And then she came out of her office and told me it was done.
  • In the meantime I had been on the phone – from the Admissions Office waiting area – trying to talk to my Academic Advisor, Michelle. The student running the desk wouldn’t put my call through but did take a message to deliver to Michelle.
  • By the time the form got back to me I knew from Michelle’s e-mail (did I mention I really like my new smart phone?) what the next steps in the process were going to be.
  • Then I went up to the EOP (Education Opportunity Program) office and talked to Vanessa. She in turn talked to a couple of her people.
  • Vanessa got Yolanda – the person in the EOP office who had to approve my readmittance to the program – to do the approvals immediately.
  • Yolanda got things done in short order and they sent me over to my EOP Advisor, Eric.
  • I gave Eric all the information about the classes I wanted, information he needed to get onto the system (which was extremely slow and balky). He told me there was nothing more for me to do but to go home and try – as he was doing – to log into the system and register for the courses.
  • So I left – took the County Transit bus back near the house. I stopped to get a sub (grinder, hoagie, whatever) and while I was there Eric called to tell me that he had gotten into the system (finally!) and had registered me for my classes.

Yay! So I went to my two classes on Tuesday and all was well. I went to my Composition class (MUS 331) on Wednesday, but no teacher showed up. It seems the BU Music Department had (yet again!) failed to hire anyone to teach the course! Professor Christopher Loy wandered by and told we students gathered waiting in the hall that he would find out what happened and would post something as soon as he knew.

I encountered him in the Music Office on Thursday when I went there for another purpose, and he told me the sad news that the class had been cancelled.

I thought about it on the way home, and, taking my balls firmly in hand, e-mailed Dr. Jonathan Biggers, asking him if he had any more room in his schedule for another organ student for the semester.

His response was positively enthusiastic! Not only is he taking me on as his organ student for the semester (which means I can get my hands on the two two-manual tracker pipe organs the University owns), but he invited me to take a course he’s teaching on “Organ Building and Literature”. It’s a survey course, only an hour a week, which will trace the developments of organ building throughout the centuries, and will feature organ literature written during those periods. It should be very interesting!

Dr. Biggers and I had a very pleasant exchange of e-mails, during which I got to describe my decades long experiences with music, and outlined what I want to accomplish with the lessons.

So – the semester has started, my classes are going very well, and I’m extremely pleased.

My next post will deal with the 380-level English courses I’m taking to fulfill the BU writing requirements.


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