Chris Hedges: The Science of Genocide – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig

Just wanted to highlight this single paragraph in an excellent article. Please do read the whole thing by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.  My emphasis in the following:

For many of us, science has supplanted religion. We harbor a naive faith in the godlike power of science. Since scientific knowledge is cumulative, albeit morally neutral, it gives the illusion that human history and human progress also are cumulative. Science is for us what totems and spells were for our premodern ancestors. It is magical thinking. It feeds our hubris and sense of divine empowerment. And trusting in its fearsome power will mean our extinction.

Human history is a mind boggling narrative of how human institutions affect us in ways that cannot be foreseen. There are few individuals who have changed history; more often than not it is the institutions that have taken the ideas and creations and inventions of individuals and – for good or for bad – have imposed them on civilization. And yet those who lead our (non-financial) institutions seem not to be able to learn from the past, seem not to have any sense of long-range planning, seem not to have any regard for the long-term effects of knee jerk reactions.

We humans are glorious – and pathetic. We will wind up driving ourselves into extinction. The insect overlords will flourish.

Hat tip to Dr. Mar Peter-Raoul

via Chris Hedges: The Science of Genocide – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig.


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