AL SMITH DINNER SPARKS DEBATE – The Catholic League | The Catholic League

“If Catholics want to change the culture, they need to engage it.” Billl Donohue

An interesting statement, to be sure.

  • It reveals that Donohue’s goal is to “change the culture” – whatever the hell that means. I suspect he wants the culture to be composed only of  “Obey! Believe! Do not question!” Vatican-led sock puppets. Good luck with that, Porky.
  • One wonders if Donohue and his bosses at the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are capable of engaging “the culture”. The rigid adherence to doctrine and to their simplistic pre-industrial age non-science view of existence would seem to preclude any ability to engage “the culture” in any meaningful way. The church is infamous for clinging to its  “this is the way it is and God damn it that’s the way it will always be” stupidities. After all, if it took the Vatican 350 years to “apologize” to Galileo, how long will it take the Vatican to understand that women universally want access to contraception?

via AL SMITH DINNER SPARKS DEBATE – The Catholic League | The Catholic League.


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