Google Nexus 7 Android tablet by ASUS review – part 1 of 2 – YouTube

I’ve been itching for a tablet for a while, and with the advent of purchasing my new HTC Vivid cell phone (Android 4.0) I bought the Google-designed Asus-manufactured Nexus 7 tablet yesterday. I expect delivery tomorrow! YAY

Here are two videos that review the machine – and I’m impressed. It’s very much like my HTC phone and I look forward to using it a lot.

Here’s part two of the review:


Google Nexus 7 Android tablet by ASUS review – part 1 of 2 – YouTube.


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11 Responses to Google Nexus 7 Android tablet by ASUS review – part 1 of 2 – YouTube

  1. I’ve been thinking about a tablet, too. That looks awesome! Hope you enjoy yours!!

    • fester60613 says:

      I am *very* disappointed that UPS failed to deliver it today! Now I have to wait until MONDAY! >Wail! Whine! Pout!<

      • Aaarrgghh!!! LOL, I know what you’re going through. I built my computer (a very FINE system, if I say so myself) and had been saving for the parts I wanted for a while. So… time came I finally had enough to order everything. And my processor was shipped two days later than it was supposed to. Waaahhhh!!! So I had everything when the weekend came – except for one of the most important parts. It arrived the following Mondy, but I had to wait until the weekend to build it. It killed me looking at all the pieces but couldn’t touch it until the weekend. (It’s a complete full day to build and set up software, so I didn’t want to do it during the week cuz of work.)

      • fester60613 says:

        OMG how frustrating! At least I’ll be able to dig into my Nexus on Monday without having to let it just sit there! I’d go nuts! What’s got me a little upset is that it arrived in Syracuse at 7am – I could have driven there and picked it up! It’s only a 45 minute drive!

    • fester60613 says:

      I’m quite enjoying it – and setting it up was a piece of cake after futzing with my new phone most of the weekend! The only thing I don’t like is that it will not display landscape on the home page. Other than that, I am quite happy. Now I have to decide which to reach for – the phone or the tablet!
      I’m going to try to record some of my practice session at the church this afternoon – we’ll see how the quality turns out.

  2. fester60613 says:

    I got notification about an hour ago that my Google Nexus has arrived just across the river and has been scanned for morning delivery. YAY!
    But I seem already to have lucked out: I got a new cell phone on Friday, an HTC Vivid, the operating system of which is Android 4.0, merely one version previous to the Android 4.1 used on the Google Nexus.
    I’ve been playing with it and learning how to use it all weekend, and I’m really enjoying it.
    I watched the two videos I put into this post again, and realized that getting the new phone has shortened the learning curve for the Google Nexus by at least two days! YAY again!
    The two day wait was not, it turns out, so bad at all – either in terms of frustration or learning curve!
    I love it when the Universe works like that. :)
    Hope you had a great weekend – it rained here, alas, but that did not ruin our BBQ this afternoon!

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