CNS STORY: No ‘middle ground’ possible with LCWR on key issues, Bishop Blair says

Read the following and ponder how the hell Bishop Blair thinks he’s having any sort of discussion that qualifies as “dialogue”? Blair is merely the Vatican’s bully and he’s going to try and push the LCWR around like he did the little girls in his grade school.

I’m rooting for the LCWR on this one – and hope the bishops and their evil overlords in the college of cardinals and that evil bastard Benedict get black eyes – and/or kicked in the balls so hard they sneeze sperm.

Bishop Leonard P. Blair of Toledo, Ohio, one of two U.S. bishops assisting Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle in providing “review, guidance and approval, where necessary, of the work” of LCWR, was responding to a call for dialogue by Franciscan Sister Pat Farrell, LCWR president, on the same program July 17.

“If by dialogue they mean that the doctrines of the church are negotiable and the bishops represent one position and the LCWR presents another position, and somehow we find a middle ground about basic church teaching on faith and morals, then no,” he said. “I don’t think that is the kind of dialogue that the Holy See would envision.

“But if it’s a dialogue about how to have the LCWR really educate and help the sisters to appreciate and accept church teaching and to implement it in their discussions and try to hear some of the questions or concerns they have about these issues, then that would be the dialogue,” he added.

via CNS STORY: No ‘middle ground’ possible with LCWR on key issues, Bishop Blair says.


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