CNS STORY: Church’s point man on AIDS: Too early to celebrate possible cure

“The church has been there from the beginning of the response to HIV and AIDS. In fact, it was mainly church organizations that began to accept people who were dying of these very strange illnesses and infections before we even knew that it was caused by HIV or we had coined the terms AIDS. It’s always been there, and it has responded very well, without stigma and discrimination,” Msgr. Vitillo told Catholic News Service.

This is bull shit and lies lies lies of the most despicable order! I was there in the beginning too – and was with a friend who was TURNED AWAY FROM THE EMERGENCY ROOM! I read the sign on the door of my friend’s hospital room that said “STAY AWAY! FAGGOT DISEASE!” – and it was a Catholic hospital! I remember very well the hatred and contempt that poured out of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the pulpits of every damned diocese in America!

If the church was so “there” in the beginning then why did 4000 Act UP protesters disrupt Cardinal’s O’Connor’s mass at St. Patricks on December 10, 1989?

The Vatican’s continuing REVISIONISM is disgusting and disingenuous. LIES! FILTHY LIES! FILTHY GOD DAMN LYING HATERS! 


via CNS STORY: Church’s point man on AIDS: Too early to celebrate possible cure.


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