BIGOTRY EXPLAINS FALSE ACCUSATIONS – The Catholic League | The Catholic League

False accusations against priests are hardly uncommon these days, but when anti-Catholicism accounts for lies against lay Catholics, the problem only worsens.

Oh, Donohue, the Jabaesque, you are soooooooo right!

It’s the first time I’ve read a true whine from Fatty!

I’m NOT defending Donohue in any manner – even when he’s right he seems to be wrong: If the church had NOT lied, had NOT covered up, had  NOT  at the start denied justice to these abused kids, had  NOT  continued to deny justice, had  NOT  covered up the truth, had NOT moved priests around to prey on other kids, had NOT issued non-apologies and had NOT acted with arrogance and fatuous explanations that no one believed – if these things had NOT happened then perhaps the church might have maintained its facade of pristine holiness.

But these things DID happen – and because they happened deliberatly, the church opened itself up to the abuses it now suffers.

Well boo-fucking-hoo-hoo.

Stand up and take it like a man – stand up and say “we were wrong” – stand up and fork over the guilty to civil authorities with all the damning evidence.

Donohue: The church cannot expect to ass fuck kids and then cry about getting ass fucked itself. The church deserves punishment – which it is getting in spades: lost revenue, lost membership, lost authority, lost respect.

Boo fuck hoo hoo hoo. You’re crying in your beer and NO ONE CARES!

via BIGOTRY EXPLAINS FALSE ACCUSATIONS – The Catholic League | The Catholic League.


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