Apocalyptic Skies….

It was a very hot very humid night and I slept fitfully.

I woke up  (from a doze) about 20 minutes ago and noted it was very dark. Headed outside to put the top up on the car and looked up to see what can only be described as apocalyptic skies!

Dark clouds of turgid roilings – really scary looking stuff. Sorry I had nothing in my hands with which to take a picture!

The skies have opened up and the deluge begun – torrents of rain – cool lovely rain!

Hopefully it will cool things down rather than humid things up, if you know what I mean. Loud cracks of thunder follow ghastly bright flashes of lightning!

I do love a good thunderstorm – although I wish the people next door would stop screaming with fear. Kind of ruins the effect. :(


About fester60613

Evangelical Antireligionist.
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