Not all motivations to justice are religious.

We had an interesting discussion the other night with friends who are very much in the forefront of the dissent and push back on the use of drones in Afghanistan.

Most of the people in the room that night are Christians, and it was evident that they believed that their actions were justified by faith in the supernatural.

I made it a point to let them know clearly that people can do “good things” just because they are good, just because it is the right thing to do, just because one might have sympathy or empathy for those who are treated unjustly. What I said was something like:

“Be very careful in your assumption that those who protest with you are doing so for the same reasons you possess: Not all people protest for religious reasons, and not all people justify their actions as being faith-driven.”

There was, of course, some push back on this – one lady getting offended that I was questioning her faith. I responded something like:

“I am not questioning your faith at all – but you seem to be  assuming that everyone in your protest group shares your faith.  It is an error to insert faith as the sole justification for the actions of others in your group. Even atheists can demonstrate against drones!”

And then someone changed the subject. But I was glad to have made my point.


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