The American Atheists’ Code of Conduct | Pharyngula

The American Atheists’ Code of Conduct | Pharyngula.

I’ve been following the threads about harassment at various atheist conferences / meetings / events with interest. I was on the board of the 2010 International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs annual convention, and we saw no reason at all to even mention the possibility of harassment – sexual or otherwise. It’s never come up before at any IAGSDC convention – to my knowledge.

I suppose that since almost all of we gays have had more than our share of bullying and harassment and other, bitter, pills of exclusion, we do not ever expect harassment from our gay brothers and sisters.

This is not to say that enmity between groups does not exist. For example, some (some, not all) lesbians occasionally (some more frequently than others) allow themselves to vent their displeasure or aversion to the male sex in general. And the continuing / continual animosity between “straight acting” gay men and their “flaming nelly” brothers sometimes creates waves in the pond. But these are generally isolated incidents, occurring between individuals, usually at a bar or a party after imbibing a cocktail or two.

I’m sorry that this lesser level of animosity within a specified group of people does not apply to the atheist community.


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