Fatuous ‘Fortnight’: Bishops’ crusade is about power, not religious freedom | Secular News Daily

The CESSPIT’s assault on America continues!

New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who serves as president of the bishops’ conference, told CBS “This Morning” that the White House is “strangling” the Catholic Church, and Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky compared the president to Hitler and Stalin.

The bishops’ intransigence and their florid rhetoric suggest that much more is going on than a spat over birth control coverage.  The men who head the church see their power, privilege and government funding at risk, and they are taking dramatic political action to ensure that none of these perks are lost.

The newspaper noted that many critics think the religious liberty banner is being waved to cover up a war on free choice in a nation of many faiths. It quotes AU Executive Director Barry Lynn as calling the campaign a “clerical power grab” that redefines religious freedom to mean “the right to force their dogma on the unwilling.”

In a statement issued to the media yesterday, Lynn also had this to say: “The bishops have been far from even-handed in their political activities. At some point, it may raise questions about compliance with federal tax law, which forbids tax-exempt organizations from favoring or opposing candidates for public office.

“This bishops’ project isn’t about religious freedom,” he continued, “it’s about privilege. They are asking for preferential treatment from the government, and if they are successful, it would undercut the rights of millions of Americans.

“We stand at a critical point in American church-state history,” Lynn concluded. “We have to decide if we’re going to stick with the time-tested principle of church-state separation or allow aggressive religious lobbies to dominate government policy.”

via Fatuous ‘Fortnight’: Bishops’ crusade is about power, not religious freedom | Secular News Daily.


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