The Moral Perspective – Vlad Chituc on an atheist’s conversion

The Moral Perspective – Vlad Chituc on an atheist’s conversion.

As most of you probably already know, Leah Libresco earlier this week announced her dramatic conversion from atheism to catholicism. 

Along with many others, I was agape with horror: how could this intelligent and gifted thinker and writer  possibly make this transition? And why?

So I read her blog and (some of the many) follow ups she made to comments about her conversion. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to come away from that with a sense of deep disappointment and sadness – I believe she’s gone off the deep end, as it were. Her arguments for her conversion are not convincing to me – and I find myself considering her as a far lesser individual than previously.

I believe she is exchanging what she knows as truth for the comfort of what she hopes is true, and in the process is deliberately overlooking or perhaps even accepting the anti-human, anti-life precepts of the catholic church – merely because it is more comfortable for her.

I find it tragic.



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