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Any Catholic who won’t spend a whopping 99 cents to get this e-book needs to get his head checked. True Freedom is a quick, insightful read. More than that, it is a statement that comes at the right time.

I might just buy the book and print it out so I can burn it. Or piss on it. (I’ve done worse to the Wholey Babble!)

Hmmm… rejection of natural law. Click here to read the Catholic Encyclopedia‘s article on Natural Law. It’s about as convoluted and nonsensical as other catholic concepts like “The Trinity” and “Transubstantiation”. Rejection of catholicism’s natural law is a no brainer.

But here’s what Donohue has to say in his review of Dolan’s new ten cent pulp trash book:

The rejection of natural law, Cardinal Dolan points out, has created all sorts of problems, the worst expression of which is the culture of death. He asks, “Can sustained human rights, those unalienable rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator, girded by law, survive in such a culture?”

I’m assuming that  “culture of death” coming from Dolan’s mouth means violent TV shows and video games? It’s ironic that the church itself is the most prolific purveyor of and top contributor to the most twisted culture of death in civilization – continual and recurring human sacrifice of a crackpot political dissenter who lived in the Bronze Age.

And these inalienable rights Dolan talks about? Let’s look at the three most famous:

“LIFE” – When you think about it, it is obvious that the catholic church has – for centuries! – been anti-life. The whole point of catholicism is to make sure you get into heaven the correct way. This mortal life is seen as less important, less valuable than eternal life. And yet this mortal life is all we have! We don’t know anything about the vaunted after life, and yet the church would have us spend all our energy here preparing for that unknown.

Further, the Catholic church has been involved in some pretty awful wars and killings. Wasn’t it a catholic priest who suggested giving American Indians blankets that were infected with small pox? Wasn’t it a catholic bishop and several nuns who burned more than 200 men, women and children to death in Rwanda? Wasn’t it the catholic church that burned folks at the stake for not believing correctly, or for merely questioning what the church teaches? Wasn’t it the catholic church who instigated the disaster of the children’s crusade? The church puts more value on their sanctified little wafers than they do on human life.

“LIBERTY” – The church has twisted the word so many times that it signifies nothing more than “BELIVE! OBEY! DO NOT QUESTION!” Liberty is what the church says it is – and it has nothing to do with what’s promised in the U.S. Constitution.

“PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” – Honestly, does it get more hypocritical? The church doesn’t believe in happiness beyond what’s in your head when you converse in your head with the guy in the sky.

Anyway, Dolan’s book seems to be addressed to the catholic faithful – or what’s left of it. I suppose some die hard old catholics who revere their bishops and cardinals and the old man in the white dress might read it, and perhaps Dolan’s fellow bishops, archbishops and cardinals, but I dare say most catholics – including most priests and nuns outside of Rome – won’t read it. They simply don’t care what Dolan has to say.

These gas bags (Dolan and Donohue) need to get a grip on reality outside their gold-lined ivory towers. They need to talk to someone other than fellow bishops and mercenaries. Their connection to reality seems to me to be as tenuous as is Bristol Palin’s. And that’s saying a lot!

via CARDINAL DOLAN’S E-BOOK IS A HIT – The Catholic League | The Catholic League.


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