The Violence of Religion | Reason Being

The Violence of Religion | Reason Being.

Reading this blog entry I had this thought: When a person identifies him/herself to me as “Christian”, should I ask, “What type of Christian are you?” And when asked “What do you mean” in reply, I might say something like:

“You know, I’m very confused as to just what being Christian is these days. There seems to be quite a variety of them. So, just to avoid confusion I’d like to narrow down what type of Christian you see yourself as.

“Christians can be like Mother Theresa or Saint Francis, or they can be selfish hypocrites.  Christians can be multicultural or they can be xeonophobes. Christians can believe the Bible is the absolute word of God or they can view it as a non-binding guide. They can be feminists or misogynists, they can be progressive or conservative. They can be for contraception and against abortion, or they can be creationists or evolutionists. So, when you say “I’m a Christian” just what do you mean by that?”

And if the response is something akin to “follower of Christ”, I might ask “Just which precepts of his do you follow? Do you take his words themselves or do you follow what some priest or pastor or minister tells you?”

I’m going to start doing that – you know,  just to see what might happen.


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