Growing Discontent… A Letter… A Cupla Stories… Onward

Last week, or earlier, I don’t remember, I came across a graphic online that said, “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

It’s been gnawing at me. A lot.

I have, of late, begun to become aware of a sense of resentment rising within me. And I’ve also been growing irritated at the amount of time and energy I’ve been spending searching out things I hate – Like the Catholic Church and the Vatican Curia and the Pope and gay-haters and same sex marriage haters and the drifts of election cycle trash rhetoric and blather in which the press of all stripes is lately awash – and posting them to my blog and twitter.

What I’ve discovered is that I’ve been viewing the bashing of things I hate as if that is the act of promoting something I love.

> > > Face Palm < < <


I have, since I returned to Binghamton, been working toward completing my BA in music theory and composition. Part of the effort has been to locate a church with a pipe organ of reasonable significance (by which I mean a minimum of four divisions with at least two decent reed choruses and a few useful mutations) upon which to practice.

I sent or made inquiries at five different churches and the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists. Two churches returned a rather arch “sorry, we’re full up with organists (which I know not to be completely true), but did give me the contact information for the AGO chapter. One church apparently wanted me to attend services for the privilege of playing their (moderately acceptable) organ – an instrument I’d played in the past. A fourth church which purports to have an “historical tracker organ” has not yet responded.

Perhaps most disappointing is the lack of response from the AGO chapter. When I wrote to them I was very explicit about two things: first, that I wanted only to be able to practice, and second, that I was in no manner interested in being considered in any way for any playing position that might be available. I received a voice mail on yesterday morning (to which I have not yet responded – bad me! Bad!) asking if I would be interested in a playing position. The contact info came from the AGO.

> > > G r r r < < <

However: I got a letter in the mail today which reads, in part:

Yes [we] would be more than delighted, enthusiastic even, to extend to you the privilege of practicing on our organ! To say nothing of your own expertise on the organ, it can do nothing but good to have the instrument utilized more often. As to the former, I would consider it a privilege just to hear you practice some day.

> > > Sweet < < <


I had occasion last week to read a couple of my short stories to some friends that hadn’t heard them before. It was a very gratifying experience. I’d forgotten how much I love writing.


“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

I’m going to concentrate on my music and my writing. You may easily guess what I’m going to stop doing.


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