CNS STORY: The human factor: Scandal highlights devotion, excess at Vatican

Writing in the Vatican newspaper May 29, a few days after the pope’s personal assistant Paolo Gabriele was arrested on charges of possessing stolen documents, the archbishop insisted that one cannot steal documents and publish them in the name of renewing the church.

“There cannot be a renewal that quashes moral law,” he wrote.

That statement contains, in miniature, the crux of the matter of the church’s current difficulties:

First that the church cannot (or will not) understand that condoning and, in effect, legitimizing sex with kids, and the subsequent cover up of that approval and legitimization quashes moral law on every level of every instance relating to the abuse.

Second, that quashed moral law requires the singular response of JUSTICE tempered with MERCY. I’m not at all down with mercy for the church: the church is too arrogant, too self-assured in the efficacy of its lame apologies to the abused kids, too disinterested in delivering to civil authorities those who covered up the abuse.

The church cannot renew without justice delivered.

This CNS article is a weak attempt to whitewash the church’s sins through various means. One is to cast the leaks as “much more the stuff of trashy novels than (of) reality.” Another is to say the Vatican is “still run by people” – rather than angels, one supposes.

What’s CNS’s purpose in publishing this story? It merely contributes to the picture of powerful old men fighting over the right to piss on others before they themselves get shit on.

via CNS STORY: The human factor: Scandal highlights devotion, excess at Vatican.


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