Rationally Speaking: Book Review: Too Big to Know

It is precisely this sort of writing about nonpragmatic “truths” that drives me crazy. It’s my opinion that the practice of philosophy has degenerated into a sort of community that lives for and thrives on mental masturbation. They have circle jerks and pissing contests while real people slaughter other real people and suffering abounds all over the planet. Useless palaver.

I recently posed a question on Facebook asking my subscribers if a fact could be false. To my surprise, there was much disagreement over this seemingly simple question. Weinberger reminds us that facts were once thought to be the antidote to disagreement, but it seems that the more facts are available to us, the more disagreements we seem to have, even if they are meta-factual.

It’s unquestionable that today’s digitally literate class of people have more facts at their fingertips than they know what to do with. Is this, however, leading us any closer to Truth? Well, not necessarily. This is because not all facts are created equal, and not all facts are necessarily true. Facts are statements about objective reality that we believe are true. However, while a fact can be false, truth is such regardless of our interpretation of it — we can know facts, but we can’t necessarily know Truth.

via Rationally Speaking: Book Review: Too Big to Know.


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