Just what is his eminence Dolan smoking?

Dolan’s publicity blurb for Donohue’s latest shit-licking shill for the CESSPIT reads, “the teachings of the Catholic Church continue to provide the best guide for a healthy, happy society.”
His Eminence Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

To what far away place has Donohue’s writing transported Dolan? To what celestial heights of frenzied masochistic bliss must one ascend, to what depths of willful abrogation of the church’s history must one descend in order to believe the church provides – or has provided at any time in the past, or shall provide in any possible future – a healthy, happy society?

What sick, twisted and lugubrious mind would consider a catholic society health or happy – in any sense?

The self-delusion is epic!

I want me some of that shit.

via WHY CATHOLICISM MATTERS – The Catholic League | The Catholic League.


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