OBAMA AND NOTRE DAME – The Catholic League | The Catholic League

The most outrageous phrase in this post is, “we have a right to expect a more principled response.”

The CL is the mouthpiece / puppet of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and high ranking CESSPIT operatives. Given the shit the CESSPIT has been paving the roads of the world with for the last dozen centuries, they know a very great deal about principled responses.

For example, in the face of the AIDS pandemic in Africa, the Vatican’s principled response was to discourage the use of condoms. How many hundreds of thousands died because of that principled response?

In the face of ethnic distress in Rwanda, the Vatican’s principled response was to have a catholic bishop and a few nuns entice over 200 men women and children into a church under the pretense of protection. They then cut holes in the roof, poured in some gasoline and then set the building on fire – killing everyone inside.

In the face of international outrage that sent international law looking for the bishop and nuns who committed the atrocity, the principled response from the CESSPIT of the Vatican was to send a private jet to pluck the bishop and nuns out of Rwanda, whisk them off to Rome and to actively shield them from arrest and prosecution by the international courts. That’s a hell of a principled response, isn’t it?

In the face of the Mexican government’s anti-church laws in the 1918 Mexican constitution – an attempt to break the power of the Catholic Church – the CESSPIT’s principled response was to incite Mexican catholics to revolution, was to send Mexican catholics weapons and to train them in guerilla warfare tactics. And when that principled response didn’t work out so well (thousands died during the government’s suppression of the Vatican-financed revolt), the CESSPIT waited 90 years and is now revising history to make the failure of its attempted revolution appear to be suppression of the church! Principled responses, it appears, can take damn near a century to come to the fore!

So for the Catholic League to expect a more reasoned response is to invite many – like myself – to invite Donohue and the USCCB and the Vatican to go vigorously fuck themselves.

Piss on your expectations, CL – and fuck you.

via OBAMA AND NOTRE DAME – The Catholic League | The Catholic League.


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