CNS STORY: Film revisits the many sides of Mexico’s Cristero Rebellion

Even as modern-day church-state relations improve, the impact of Mexico’s three-year Cristero Rebellion in the 1920s on the Catholic Church remains widely debated in Mexican society.

Church-state relations are improving? Where? Certainly NOT in the United States where the US Conference of Catholic Bishops currently  advocates church teaching over the secular law of the land, and a number of catholic institutions are suing the US Government over a law that, the bishops maintain, forces catholics to disobey church teaching. The law does no such thing, but the bishops are very careful to avoid that particular fact.

A little research on the Cristero Rebellion reveals that the Mexican bishops – with full cooperation and funding from the Vatican sought to overthrow the duly elected government of Mexico.

The Catholic Church tried to overthrow the government of Mexico. And now, 90 years later, attempt to revise history to make it look like government persecution.

Is there no depth to which the Vatican (CESSPIT!) will sink in order to justify its new mythology of religious persecution and religious freedom?

via CNS STORY: Film revisits the many sides of Mexico’s Cristero Rebellion.


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