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Here’s an interesting blog post on how atheists tend to lump all sects of christianity together. When we rail against Christianity are we talking about ALL of the christian sects? Or are we talking about specific sects – like the Cesspit of Misanthropic Evil, or Fred Phelps’ hateful Westboro Baptist Church?

Many liberal/progressive Christians complain that Atheists often rant against a different versions of Christianity than their own.  These Christians may also speak out against fundamental Christianity and thus feel the Atheist’s criticism are inaccurate.

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4 Responses to One-Story Atheism « Triangulations

  1. I’d agree that we shouldn’t differences together, but the fact is that there very little differences between denominations. I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant (and I was a Catholic for 20 years) or even between the different kinds of Protestant

    • fester60613 says:

      Oh dear, no.
      There are huge differences between denominations – differences in life style, expressions of worship, religious music, clothing, entertainment, education, evangelism and religious vs. civil rights – to name a few.
      A catalog of theological differences would fill a substantial library!
      And do I need to mention the vast difference in the interpretation of the scriptures? There are differences in scriptural literalism, divine inspiration, and interpretations of words from various interpretations of the book.
      No. You – as a former Catholic – cannot be so completely removed: If you are here as Poe I warn you that you will be banned and reported.

  2. Who is Poe? I genuinely didn’t think there was that much of a difference. I thought there was something to do with communion but nothing beyond that. Then again here in Ireland we’re fairly limited in our religions so there’s not much choice

  3. fester60613 says:

    Robert – my apologies.
    A “Poe” is a person who enters an online discussion with the intent to start an argument. The acknowledgement of a lack of knowledge of the differences between Catholic and Protestant is – in my internet circles – usually raises a red flag for that sort of thing, so I was unsure of your intentions.
    Considering the iron grip the RCC had on Ireland until recently I can understand that you had little exposure to other theologies.

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