Pope assigns archbishop to troubled Philadelphia – Yahoo! News

Well, well, well! Here’s a revealing story!

Lies, Lies, Lies – why is this new Archbishop Chaput saying this: “I do not know why the Holy Father sent me here…” I get the feeling Chaput knows exactly why Ratzi the Nazi assigned him to Philadelphia… and here are a few items from his very conservative resume that reveal that purpose:

  • Chaput “criticizes Catholic politicians who support abortion rights.” Inserts the church’s dogma into politics.
  • Chaput “speaks out against government playing too large of a role in health care.” Why? Because the Catholic Charities can’t make money when they have to treat their gay employees the same as their straight employees?
  • Chaput “opposes gay marriage and stem-cell research.” Well of course he does – following the Church line all the way.
  • Chaput “defended a Catholic school’s decision not to re-enroll a lesbian couple’s children.” Because, of course, the children of the sinners who are not hated, must be made to pay for the hated sins of their gay parents. [The church has a thing about its dogma making sure children suffer.]
  • Chaput “fought hard to block efforts to extend the time that child sex-abuse victims have to file suit. Chaput said he did so because he didn’t want the church treated differently under the law than anyone else.” Now that’s a load of bullshit! The church has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that it is treated differently under the law. [Another instance of Bushesque “say it often enough and it will be true!”
  • Chaput called [outgoing Cardinal Rigali] “one of the great churchmen of my lifetime.” How much credibility can Chaput derive from such a naked lie? How can Chaput possibly consider Rigali “great”? Is it because of Rigali’s brazen lies, claiming that there were no active child-abusing priests in Philly when there were actually 26 of them? Rigali’s decades-long protection of child fuckers? Or perhaps Rigali’s great simply because he’s being persecuted by secular law enforcement?

* * * *

And what of Rigali himself? Here’s part of his “apology” from his news conference yesterday:

“If I have offended anyone in any way, I am deeply sorry,” Rigali said. “I apologize for any weaknesses on my part in representing Christ and the church.” 

Well, isn’t that sweet? Why didn’t he include an apology for his weaknesses in representing the children of the Philadelphia archdiocese? This ass wipe continues to defend the church and ignores the kids – just leaves them hanging out to dry while priests go unpunished and get moved around (via a criminal conspiracy*) so they can abuse more kids! Outrageous.

*The archdiocese now finds itself defending the first criminal indictment ever filed against a U.S. church official over the priest-abuse scandal. Monsignor William Lynn, 60, faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted of child endangerment and criminal conspiracy.

And poor “Outgoing Cardinal Justin Rigali, who traveled the world as a translator for three popes and was expected to land a job in Rome, will instead retire to Tennessee after eight turbulent years leading the archdiocese.” I wonder what he did wrong to get exiled to Tennessee instead of getting a cushy job in Rome as did Cardinal Law?

Read the rest of the article – I can’t write anymore about this right now because I have to go puke.


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