Catholic Charities Abandon Children In Illinois

Friendly Atheist » Secular Adoption Agency Takes In Children the Catholic Church Doesn’t Care About.

This is exactly the sort of “DOGMA TRUMPS DUTY” bullshit that make my stomach churn.

When a religion values adherence to dogma more than charity, when belief is more important than doing the right thing, that religion and those beliefs are anti-human. And as such that religion and its beliefs must be characterized in some degree as bigoted, cruel, unjust and – dare I say it? – sinful.

When these douche bag members of the holy hierarchy are old and feeble and suffering, perhaps then their dogma will be a comfort and a blessing – taken in rich delicious doses right along the barbituates and opiates that ease their physical pain.

Fuck the catholic church and its dogma.Sanctimonious bastards.


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