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This morning’s LOL….

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The trouble with atheism…

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First, I find it hard to comprehend that I’ve been in New York for nearly six weeks! How time truly does fly. Second, tonight is the 47th anniversary of my father’s death. As usual, words fail me when I attempt … Continue reading

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That pale and flawless skin…

I sometimes wake up during the night at odd hours. Today it was 3:25 AM. The theme running through my head was my high school! >GAK!< I do NOT like remembering that school! Private, Christian, Baptist, Right-Wing, Intolerant, Small Minded, … Continue reading

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Dexter and a Revival

Talk about conflict! John and I are watching all of the previous episodes of Dexter in anticipation of the new season starting in a few weeks. We’re currently about half way through season three. The most recent episode we watched … Continue reading

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Time to find a job…

Largess and generosity of dear friends aside, it really is time to find a job. So wish me luck!

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Percussion Played by Tesla Coils

For all my nerd friends – this is very sweet.

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