Four Piano Trios – Opus 43

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Most Excellent News!

My piano prelude (Five Pieces for Piano, Op. 27 No. 1) has been chosen to be recorded by Kris Carlisle as part of the American Evolution series!

Woo Hoo!

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Hard News.

I learned in the last few days that my teacher, my mentor, and my friend, Paul Jordan, is dying.

He’s in a nursing home near New Haven, Connectitcut. Apparently he’s contracted some type of cancer. Mutual friends saw him a couple of weeks ago and report that he’s alert, sharp as ever, but thin and frail.

I’m hoping to get to New Haven to see him before he expires, but I’m locked into the end semester crush and simply cannot get away for another two weeks. I hope that I can get to see him while he’s still lucid, that we can have a good last conversation.

I’ve known him for nearly 35 years, and he’s always been a good friend. I shall miss him terribly.

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Catching up – I’ve been very, very busy!

I had a concert on November 9th – half the music was mine. It went very well – two song cycles. I had two violin pieces scheduled, but my violinist got sick and couldn’t make it.

I’ve had two new songs performed on mid-day recitals, Momenta Quartet did a really excellent job on my string quartet (and the six others that my fellow composition students wrote). It was an exceptional concert – their rendition of Janacek’s “Intimate Letters” was superb!

Just this last week I finished Piano Music No. 7, Cello Music No. 3, Duet for Two Flute with Piano, Trio for Two Aerophones and Piano (clarinet and soprano sax).

I’m working on a short exploratory piece for Wind Symphony / Concert Band (reading is this week), and have begun what’s going to be my Graduate Thesis – a “Libera Me” ( Líbera me (“Deliver me”) is a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead and at the absolution of the dead, a service of prayers for the dead said beside the coffin immediately after the Requiem Mass and before burial.) for four soloists, full chorus and full orchestra.

I’ve got the opening written and the end planned – now I have just to fill in the middle.

Just finished a *huge* term paper, “Narrative in Modern Music.” The thesis is that narrative construction is possible in modern music – even 12 tone, minimalist and “moment music” where there appears to be no forward movement in time for a musical goal.

And I’m working on converting my piano-accompanied “Sweet Was The Song” Christmas lullaby to fretted instrument accompaniment – either guitar or lute. That’s going more slowly that I would like, but it’s progressing.

And that’s what I’m up to lately.

via Hey Music Man – whassup lately w. you? \ – Marita Gibson Snyder DeCarlo.

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How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube

Trophic cascades. Never heard of them before – but here’s a short film (4:33) that shows why we must save endangered species.

How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube.

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New / Different Car!

I bought an Elderado yesterday! Lovely inside (mostly) and out. The lady told me the brakes were funky, but I didn’t expect them to fail completely as I drove it home for the very first time! Luckily I was able to slow it down and coast to a stop – with the help of a curb – without hitting anything other than bushes and shrubbery. It was more than a little scary considering everything from where I live is downhill!

Caddy on a Truck

So here it is on the tow truck this morning. I was happy to have the heated seat while I waited in the 53 degree rain!

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Insane? Or Most Sane?

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